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Hello Ron,
Enjoyed the interview with Rony today, and your letters in the Star newspaper, you’re right, buildings in Sheffield seem to catch fire when empty, Dial House Club for instance as you mentioned, burned down, a great loss to the community, I was a member there for 40 odd years, Salvation Army hostel, Cross Burgess Street, the old town hall and of course the sad loss of Loxley chapel, what next?
The numerous fires at the ski village, the list is endless, but thankfully with people like yourself who care and try to conserve the old buildings, one day, someone might listen.

Best wishes from another person who notices things in my city.

From, Denver Smith.

Sheffield Castle

The most enigimatic castle in England, demolished, c 1649, after it held out against Parlimentary Forces in August 1644. The stone one, built in 1270 to replace the motte and bailey erected after 1100 and burnt down in 1266, is regarded as possibly as large as Warwick Castle in its heyday. Archaelogists estimate that perhaps three quarters of its